Superbad – *****

It would be hard for me to express how much I enjoyed this film.

But I’ll try, Sisyphus that I am.

First, the script was hilarious and real. I think that’s something we’ve come to expect from Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow (although credit really goes to Evan Goldberg as well). There’s something very special about the movies these men make together – as nasty as they are, they find a way to touch you.

Jonah Hill was vulnerable and funny as the hapless and vulgar Seth. I was surprised at how well he really captured the vibe of the nasty (as in gross) friend who never does anything about it – I like to call them “know-it-all, done-it-nevers”. His best friend in the whole world is the thoughtful and sweet (but equally vulgar when the situation demands it) Evan, played with nuance and skill by Michael Cera. These two have been friends since they could barely walk, and they find themselves living on the fringes of high school society. They find themselves responsible for procuring the alcohol for this shindig, and hilarity ensues. I’d rather not go too far into the plot details, because I’m just not that sort of reviewer, and I find that stuff fluff anyway.

Moving on, Seth Rogen (with awesome fu manchu porno mustache and sans Jewfro (for once)) and Bill Hader play two inept cops bent on acting more sophomoric than the teenagers. They’re both great, well-cast and allowed to showcase their comedic strengths.

Special mention must go to first-timer Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Found in an open casting call, he is dazzlingly dorky as Fogell (or as most know him by now, “McLovin”).

This movie was paced well, funny for just about all of its length, and in my opinion, establishes Judd Apatow as the John Landis of his generation – cranking out funny movie after funny movie, with no slip in quality (though some might call “Talladega Nights” a slip – I found it hilarious for what it was).

It wouldn’t shock me if this movie ends up in that select group of movies that every teenager must watch as a rite of passage.

Truly great in just about every way, so long as you can handle non-stop vulgarity (and I LOVE it) “Superbad” gets five very phallic stars from me.

Rating: COOL

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